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13th Annual Homelessness Awareness March

  Phoenix Society created a Volunteer Program called the Red Shirts so residents can volunteer their time, energy, and helping spirit to build social assets and re-connect with the community they live in. The Red Shirts assist the Surrey BIA, VanCity and other community organizers in the setup, maintenance and tear down of community events. This year…

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DFS Vancouver – Women of Phoenix

In August, the women of The Phoenix Society participated in the Dress for Success event brought by RBC #HopeandStyleDay.  Thank you Dress for Success Vancouver, 8 of our women ended this wonderful day with a new outlook on life and a new hope to achieve success while sharing a bit of who they are in the process. The…

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Call 604-583-7155 ext. 3 or Sign Up HERE *****Still a few seats available! Don’t have grade 12? Think you might not qualify? Working with another WorkBC employment resource centre? Give us a call (or join us tomorrow) for clarification – Info Session starts at 10am! By popular demand – another session has been added for…

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Veronica Muniak

Phoenix gave me opportunities to take my strengths and fully use them Veronica Muniak has had a lifetime of lived experience that has helped her move forward in the addiction recovery field. As someone in recovery herself, she was at first anxious about applying for employment at Phoenix. But when she started as a program…

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Myla McInnis

Working to help others find work… Can someone who has been homeless or been addicted to alcohol or drugs find a job? This isn’t just a philosophical question for Myla McInnis. Instead, it’s a practical, real-life challenge she deals with every day she walks into work as employment program manager for Phoenix. As manager, she…

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Bill Dunne

Taking time to see the person rather than the problem In his 26 years as a substance use counsellor — 14 of them at Phoenix — Bill Dunne calculates he’s worked with more than 7,000 clients. “These people are not damaged or immoral or bad,” he says, “most have just lost their way in life…

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Ryan Bathgate

Our currency is love Ryan Bathgate has a diploma as a professional counsellor and a certificate as an addictions worker. But his most important training is that he spent a lifetime affected by addiction. “It’s been such a blessing for me to work here,” he says with reflection. “I have a deep sense of gratitude…

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Rashidi Yesufu

It’s a place that allows for growth in every sense of the word When Rashidi Yesufu started working at Phoenix four years ago, he was a residential program assistant. He remembers being in the admission office and meeting a gentleman who was desperate to enroll. “We have a waiting period,” Rashidi says and, as a…

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Larry Hayes

‘We’ve all made mistakes, some more serious than others’ Names are important. And as the assistant manager for Phoenix Society’s Rising Sun residences — where some 25 parolees live — Larry Hayes does not call these people “offenders.” “We call them residents,” he says simply. “That’s just part of the way we approach people. We…

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