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Thank you for visiting the Phoenix Society and for your interest in our community based programs. Since the Society’s inception, our work has been based on respect for the whole person, life-long experiential learning, and the use of community as a healing force.

We have taken a leadership role on behalf of those in our community who have not responded well to traditional rehabilitation or education. We have successfully used a holistic approach to recovery from alcohol and other drug abuse.

The Phoenix Centre

The Phoenix Centre for integrated addiction services completed its official groundbreaking ceremony on the 30th of March, 2005. It was completed in April 2007 and opened to the public on 20th of April 2007.

The Phoenix Centre signifies new hope for individuals recovering from alcohol and drug misuse.

Thank you!

Please click here for a list of those who supported this initiative.


Front of Phoenix Centre

Front of building (April 2007)

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For a list of current (April 2007) photographs of the Phoenix Centre please click here.

The Phoenix Centre hopes to transform communities

The Phoenix Centre utilizes a community economic development approach called the “Sustainable Livelihoods Framework”.

The Phoenix Centre aims to develop the capacity of people affected by substance misuse to participate productively in the community and the new economy, and to build community capacity through innovative partnerships with governments, educational institutions, community service organizations, financial institutions and business to create healthy, safe and vibrant communities for all of its citizens.

The Phoenix Centre uses a strength’s-based approach

The “Sustainable Livelihood’s Approach” is a strength’s-based approach that focuses on identifying and mapping a person’s existing strengths (referred to as “assets”), choosing those strengths or "assets" they would like to strengthen or new "assets" they would like to build.

For more information on the specific programs offered through the Phoenix Society and the Phoenix Centre please click here.

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Human Assets Social Assets
Physical Assets

Thank you to all those who contributed to this initiative!

A special thanks to Government of Canada and the Province of British Columbia.

A special thanks to every Vancity member who took the time to vote and who supported our project.

And, a big thank you to Vancity staff, managers, and the Vancity Board of Directors, for this wonderful opportunity.

A big thank you to our community partners, supporters, and contributors, in helping make this project a reality.

Phoenix Centre Funding Partners
· Canada BC Affordable Housing Phase II Agreement
· Human Resources & Skills Development Canada

Supporting Community Partnership Initiatives (SCPI)
· Western Economic Diversification Canada
· Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation

Proposal Development Loan from Canadian Centre for Public Private Partnerships program.
· Provincial of British Columbia, through BC Housing
· City of Surrey
· Vancouver Foundation
· Real Estate Foundation of BC
· Vancity Community Foundation
· Vancity Award
· Rotary Club of Surrey
· Phoenix Drug & Alcohol Recover & Education Society

Service Delivery Partners
· Atira Women's Resource Society
· Satir Institute of the Pacific
· Progressive Intercultural Community Services Society
· Beginnings - social enterprise
· Ministry of Human Resources
· Human Resources Skills Development Canada
· Ministry of Health Services - Mental Health and Addictions

Community Partners
· Options Services to Communities Society
· Pacific Community Resources Society
· Peace Arch Community Services
· Surrey Homelessness and Housing Task Force
· Surrey Drug Crime Task Force

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